Thesis Titles

Thesis Titles

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Senior Honors Theses, Since 1996




2015Doctors Without AnswersPaul McCallion
2015Understanding Obesity among African American WomenAdin Vaewsorn
2014An Itinerary for Going NowhereStratton Coffman
2014Situating Place Cells in Ecologically Embodied CognitionWilliam Fraker
2014Wife of ScientistOlivia May
2013Counting Calories and Considering ContextsMaxwell Hellmann
2013Transforming the Cultural LandscapeCodi Leitner
2013The Ecology of Invasions and The Invasions of EcologyBennett Kirschner
2012Pharmaceutical Technologies of Self, or The Age of AmbienCharles Hanna
2012The Impact of Novel Products on Federal Drug RegulationsErin Kelly
2012The Early History of ChiropracticThomas Oddo
2011Thinking Through the Lens: Reframing Experiences of Breast CancerTaylor Cain
2011Embracing Complexity: AModest [email protected] and the Future of American PsychiatryBenjamin Fuchs
2011Djinn and Tonic: A Study of Health Care and Healing in Coastal KenyaAlix Haber
2011Private Matters for the Public Good: The Dispensary Movement in 18th C. EnglandBarbara Pohl
2011Redesigning Masculinity in the Pursuit of Public Health Sophia Sadinsky
2010Debating Contraception, Defining Motherhood: Women, Doctors, and the State in the Politics of Birth ControlLeah Aronowsky
2010Discipline and the Care for NatureBenjamin Weisgall
2009A Critical History of Mindfulness-Based PsychologyDavid J. Gordon
2008Reform and Perpetuation in Mind-Body MedicineAdam Baim
2008Unraveling the Hawthorne Effect: An Experimental Artifact >Too Good to Die=Rebecca Broches
2008Intervening In Complexity: A Developmental Theory of Climate Change Emily Rowan
2008Resistance to Dam Nation (Environmental Politics in Panama)Jeffrey Stein
2007Scientific Words Lost and Found: Public Networks and the Making of the Oxford English DictoionaryEmily Rosenberger
2007Modeling DNA Mismatch RepairLillian Walkover
2005The History of Malaria Control in West AfricaLee Grodi
2004Trans/scendence: Ethical Possibility in Intersex ManagementBrittany Allen
2002Victims of Insight Manic Depression, Honesty and the Artistic DispositionJessica Bohl
2002A Healthy Baby or a Nice Experience: The Imposed Choice in American BirthVanessa Stubbs
2001An Epidemic of Meaning: HIV/AIDS and the Social Constructions of WomanTalia Inlender
2001Visions of Cloning in Newspapers, 1978-PresentJacob Kattan
2001More Than Kin and Less Than Kind: Thomas Jefferson andEden Robins
1999Ethical Considerations for Germ-Line Genetic ModificationChad  Bartell
1999Exhibiting Sperm: Visualization and Reproductive SciencesChristine Hanssmann
1999Re-Defining Boundaries: Re-Naturalizing Arthriti(c)sJennifer Karlin
1999Doctoring Medicine: Six Doses of Physician-ActivismMargo Simon
1997Funding Strategies in Agricultural ScienceSarah Osterhoudt
1996Representations of the Ovaries in Writings on MenopauseAruna Chandran
1996Information Technology in Non-Profit OrganizationsAdam Roessler
1996Ren Tai Duo (AToo Many [email protected])–Population Science in China)Sigrid Schmalzer

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Conservation Sciences Graduate Program

Thesis Titles

MS Thesis Title: Local and Cumulative Influences of Docks on Littoral Habitat Structure.
Year: 2013
Name: Jessie Lepore

Advisor(s): Bruce Vondracek

MS Thesis Title: Fish growth and degree-days: Advice for selecting base temperatures in both within – and among – late studies.
Year: 2013
Name: Kyle A. Chezik

Advisor(s): Paul Venturelli

MS Thesis Title: Methods for refining waterbird colony persistence reserach and their application to Great Lakes Colonial Waterbirds.
Year: 2012
Name: Katherine E. Wyman

Advisor(s): Francesca J. Cuthbert

MS Thesis Title: Initial Response of Amphibian and Small Mammal Species to Timber and Coarse Woody Debris Harvest in Aspen-Dominated Forests of Northern Minnesota.
Year: 2012
Name: Christopher E. Smith

Advisor(s): Kenneth Kozak

MS Thesis Title: Distribution, abundance and overwinter survival of young-of-the-year common carp in a Midwestern watershed.
Year: 2012
Name: Jacob Osborne

Advisor(s): Peter Sorensen

MS Thesis Title: Assessing the Accuracy of GIS-Derived Stream Length and Slope Estimates.
Year: 2012
Name: Matthew J. Kocian

Advisor(s): Bruce Vondracek

MS Thesis Title: Field and Laboratory Studies Suggest that Recruitment of the Invasive Common Carp is Controlled by Native Fish in Stable Lakes of the Upper Mississippi Basin.
Year: 2011
Name: Justin J. Silbernagel

Advisor(s): Peter Sorensen

MS Thesis Title: Effects of Rotational Grazing on Grassland Songbirds on U.S. Dairy Farms.
Year: 2011
Name: Kathryn M. Clower

Advisor(s): Nicholas Jordan

MS Thesis Title: Sheep farmers and turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) in the Falkland Islands: From conflict to coexistence.
Year: 2011
Name: Brandon M. Breen

Advisor(s): Francesca J. Cuthbert

MS Thesis Title: Development of a Rapid Monitoring Approach to Inform Management Decisions on a Large Tallgrass Prairie Undergoing Restoration.
Year: 2011
Name: Genevieve L. Brand

Advisor(s): Nicholas Jordan

MS Thesis Title: Biological Indicatiors of Climate Change: Trends in Fish Communities and the Timing of Walleye Spawning Runs in Minnesota.
Year: 2010
Name: Kristal N. Schneider

Advisor(s): Raymond Newman

MS Thesis Title: Early quaternary sea level changes and rapid diversification in the North American minnow genus Nocomis (Ostariophysi: Cyprinidae).
Year: 2010
Name: Brett C. Nagle

Advisor(s): Andrew Simons

MS Thesis Title: Learning from Landowners: Exploring Peer Exchange in the Private Landowner Community through Organizational Case Studies.
Year: 2010
Name: Amanda M. Kueper

MS Thesis Title: Lessons from two sculpin species in southeastern Minnesota: Species interactions in native populations and reproduction dynamics in reintroduced populations.
Year: 2010
Name: Lorissa M. Fujishin

Advisor(s): Loren Miller

MS Thesis Title: Seed Size in Lacustrine and Riverine Populations of Wild Rice (Zizania palustris).
Year: 2010
Name: Amber R. Eule-Nashoba

Advisor(s): Raymond Newman , David D. Biesboer


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