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Argumentative Essay on Racism

  • Racism in Essays


    Is an author’s main purpose of writing only to entertain his readers? Authors sometimes use their literature to demonstrate their opinions about a certain issue. One of these topics may be racial and ethnic discrimination. We see how authors express their views about racism through the literatures “Walk Well, My Brother”, “Lark Song”, and “Cowboys and Indians”.

    In “Walk Well, My Brother”, Farley Mowat focuses on racism against the Eskimos in 1951. As the character of Charlie

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  • A Time to Kill – Argumentative Paper

    Argumentative Paper
    In the movie A Time to Kill, an adolescent girl named Tonya Hailey is brutally battered, raped, and left for dead in a small southern town by two white supremacist men; Billy Ray Cobb and James Louis Willard. As she is walking home, a car approaches; two gentlemen confront her and start kicking and punching her. Then they rape her. Not just once, but twice. She cries out, looking away, and begging them to stop. As she looks up at the heavens above for guidance, she screams for

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  • Essay Racism

    Student’s Name
    Race has always been an issue, and wherever there are people, there will be some form of racial profiling at one level or another, this article talks about the several aspects of racial encounters that mostly students have encountered in school and at college level(Ziegler and Hazeur 36) in the United States. Though some are mild and subtle, others are very strong but not shocking

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  • Essay Racism and Freedom of Expression

    Racism and Freedom of Expression

    Now more than ever we are able to witness racism at its most severe.
    With rising hostilities and racism between nations, inter – ethnic
    racism and institutional racism.


    As the world becomes a smaller place and the with emergence of
    globalisation we may expect racism to be a thing of the past. However,
    this is not the case. For reasons I have trouble understanding, the
    world is coming to a point where racism is widespread

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  • Racism Synthesis Essay

    Racism has provoked inequality among Americans for centuries. Although it has been claimed to have dissolved, racism is still apparent in the very set up of our nation. It pulls apart the unity of our nation by forming groups that in time will break the equality and freedom given in America. The ideal of racism still exists in today’s society, having found new ways to insert itself into our everyday life.
    As segregation and slavery have faded from American culture it is socially accepted that, with

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  • Discrimination Racism Essay

    Color discrimination occurs when a person is discriminated on their skin colour. Color discrimination happens when people different races or nationality. Sometimes Racism happens even when both people are the same nationality, because one is lighter or darker than the other. Colour discrimination is mainly very selfish and prejudice, shouting abuse and murdering of people that you don’t know, for all they know you could turn out to be a best friend in the future. Some people just don’t want black

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  • Reverse Racism Essay

    Reverse Racism
    University Composition and Communication 2
    January 8, 2012
    Melissa Reed

    Reverse Racism

    Racism has existed for thousands of years. Not too long ago African American people were segregated against based on the color of their skin. Leader’s both white and black loss their lives so that there would be acceptance one day of all people as equal. Now in 2011 we have a Mixed President who on the census marked himself as African American not counting heritage of a Caucasian

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  • Racism in Short Stories Essay

    Racism in Short Stories
    by john
    This is an essay i wrote for English Literature. My examples are from two short stories ‘The Test’, and ‘After You My Dear Alphonse’.
    A Race is a population of humans distinguished from other humans. The most noticeable way to distinguish between races is by skin colour. In a white patriarchal society, like ours, race is used as a point of difference and discrimination to create power differences. ‘The Test’ and ‘After You My Dear Alphonse’ both challenge the

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  • Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay 5
    I should have focused more on my grades this year. By attending many social events, waiting until the last minute to complete work, and refusing to study my grades began to drop. I feel that if I would have put more effort into my school work I would have achieved the grades I am capable of getting. By hanging out with friends and putting off work my grades gradually began to drop. Your senior year is not the year to slack off in; it would have better prepared me for college

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  • Argumentative Essay: Abortion

    In my argumentative Essay, I am arguing that abortion is wrong and
    not to be mistaken with ‘Abortion should be made illegal.’ I will
    explain later why I have made this statement.

    Abortion is the termination of an unborn child in its mother’s womb
    for up to twenty four weeks of the pregnancy or in special
    circumstances e.g. Disability diagnosis a termination right up until
    the mother goes in to labour. I think the above definition is an
    easier and less harsh way of saying that abortion

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  • Racism Paper

    Aaron Riehle
    March 30, 2011
    Racism Paper
    Prof. Thompson

    Racism is the systematic oppression and exploitation of human beings on the basis of their belonging to a particular racial group or people. “Systematic” indicates that we must look at the status of the group as a whole, and not at those few individuals who may have climbed a “ladder of success” in the white society. The word “systematic” also connotes practices and policies which are pervasive, regardless of whether they are intentional

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  • Cultural Critique- Racism Essay

    Cultural Critique
    Unfortunately, in this time and age, racism continues to be an issue in the American society, especially in the south. Since the introduction of slavery, many people have the belief that skin color determines someone’s ranking in life. After the freedom of slaves, racism became a big problem in America. As a result, other races look down upon many different cultures and ethnic groups believing that they are superior to others. Racism has lead to people discriminate against one another

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  • Argumentative Essay On Common Core

    Genary Gomez                                                                    Mr. Scheiner
    English Period #4                                                                   11/21/13

    Argumentative Essay on Common Core

    “Without Common Core we (America) are not where we want or need to be.” The New York Times reported this in August, 2013. Currently, every state sets its own curriculum for its schools. The result is that the United States ranks “25th in math, 17th in science, and 14th in

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  • Racism in America

    Running head: RACISM 1

    Racism in Our Society
    Liberty University Online
    HSER 509 Multicultural Issues in Human Services
    Dr. Lawrence Katz
    Betty J. Saby
    December 16, 2012

    Racism in our society
    Racism in our society has a long deeply rooted history. It has been in every part of our society and appears not to be getting any better. In order to fully understand racism one must look at the root cause of racism and the effects it has on an individual

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  • Say No to Racism Essay

    Persuasive Speech On “Say No To Racism”

    Good morning to Mr. Mariapan and my beloved audience. Today, I am bold to talk about an issue that has haunts us for so long. Countless legislation, organizations and campaigns are created to combat this issue….but…to no avail. The problem has been all over the globe and standing here today, I am on a mission to eradicate this issue once and for all!
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Let us hold hand in hand and “Say No To Racism”
    The racism button is the easiest to

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  • Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay

    Should we always tell the truth?

    Do you always tell the truth or lies? You are not likely to reply immediately because this question is very extreme. While we live, we cannot always tell the truth, and we also cannot always tell lies. May be, it will depend on the situation that you encountered. There are innumerable reasons why most people tell lies to others. Usually, we tell lies to hide own fault or show off ourselves. There are a little bit different lies, of course

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  • Essay on The Causes of Prejudice and Racism

    of the Enlightenment did not feel very comfortable with their own racial theories because they were obviously contradicting their ideas of individual freedom, democracy and progress.  But they had to meet the expectations of a society in which racism was not only an accepted part of everyday life but also an important economical factor.

    The Enlightenment’s view of race is strongly dominated by the arrogance that the Western world and especially America had always shown towards other cultures

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  • Argumentative Essays

    Argu1nentative Essays

    Mani stones, Nepal

    An argumentative essay is an essay in which you agree or disagree with an issue, using reasons to support your opinion. Your goal is to convince your reader that your opinion is right. Argumentation is a popular kind of essay question because it forces students to think on their own: They have to take a stand on an issue, support their stand with solid reasons, and support their reasons with solid evidence. In a general writing test such as the TOEFL

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  • Racism Essay

    Over the last 100 years 62 million people have died from incidents that were rooted from racism. That’s obviously a lot less from when there were slaves down south, but those numbers aren’t decreasing at any fast rate. People see racism on a day to day basis and don’t even understand the effects it has on those victims. In America 95% people admitted that they were some sort of racist. It is not just a thing of the past; I realized that I have seen this issue in many different states plus Montana

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  • Essay on Heterosexism, Racism, and Feminism


    Heterosexism, Racism, and Feminism

    Sexuality is a fundamental aspect of being human all through life and includes gender identities, sex, and sexual orientation, roles, eroticism, intimacy, pleasure, and reproduction (Chapman, 2008). Sexuality is expressed and experienced in thoughts, ideas, fantasies, desires, manners, values, behaviors, roles, relationships and practices. Though sexuality can encompass all of these aspects, not all of them are for

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  • Writing Argumentative Essays

    A helpful book

    Compiled by bavy&adrian
    October 2004

    Introduction – please read
    Debatable and non-debatable statements
    Providing support for debatable statements (or premises)
    Using connectives and paragraphs in a larger argumentative text
    The main thesis, supporting arguments and conclusion.
    Adding information to relevant arguments
    Connectives for listing arguments.
    Concluding connectives
    In fact / Indeed
    More practice on using In fact and Indeed
    Showing you are aware

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  • Racism in Britain Essay

    Racism in Britain

    Britain emerged from the Second World War with a labour shortage. In
    1944 a Royal Commission was established to assess the population of
    Great Britain. The commission returned its findings in 1949
    recommending that extra labour was needed. The “European Volunteer
    Workers Scheme” was introduced. Its aim was to entice workers from
    Europe to come to Britain. Between 1947 and 1948 17,000 workers came
    to Britain under the scheme. However the Irish were

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  • Globalization and Its Affect on Racism Essay

    Globalization and its Effect on Racism
    ‘Racism’, in the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”, and, “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”. The essence of both definitions seems to be that specific

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  • Racism in Pocahontas

    Racism in Pocahontas

    The film Pocahontas, produced by Walt Disney films, portrays the tension between the Powhatan tribe and English settlers during the establishment of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the “New World.” In examining this film using the article “Ten Quick Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Racism and Sexism,” it quickly becomes apparent that although there are forms of racism as described in the article (what will be referred to as ‘traditional media racism’)

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  • Argumentative Essay – Affirmative Action

    race or ethnic background. By using affirmative action as the reason for appointing positions, contradicts the idea of being racially equal. Racial harmony cannot be achieved if we continue to uphold the idea of racial discrimination.
    The impact of racism began early (Tatum, Beverly, 1999). Many of us grew up in neighborhoods where we had limited access to interact with people different from our own families (Tatum, Beverly, 1999). Things are somewhat different now. With the economy rapidly changing

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  • Drug Addiction Argumentative Essay

    Natalee Sweet
    Comp. #1
    Mr. Yates
    Argumentative Essay: Addiction is a choice
    Alcohol and illicit drug consumption are all too prevalent today in high schools, colleges, and all across the globe. Students seeking to fit in or forget about the repetitiveness of school and homework have a tendency to experiment. Drug addiction is known by the scientific community to be a psychological condition based on excessive, obsessive, and compulsive actions. Once that regular user crosses the

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  • Argumentative Essay Gun Control


    English 101
    Argumentative/Persuasive Essay
    Word Count 1,255
    Readability 12.3

    There are new proposed gun control laws in the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut that occurred on December 14th, 2012. This incident claimed the lives of twenty 1st graders and six adults and has set the government in motion to try to prevent future acts of violence by strengthening gun control laws in the United States

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  • Essay on Racism


    Racism is a social problem that has occurred many years ago and it has passed through many phases. The oldest and most harmful of all is slavery. As we see from the “The problem of slavery and persecution’ with the discovery of the New World, the institution of slavery grew to proportions greater than had been previously conceived. In 16th century Peru, to counter the inhuman system of slavery in the colonial economic systems finally introduced the great basic debate concerning the question

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  • Racism in Othello Essay

    Racism is just one of the many problems that we have here in the United States today. Racism isn’t as bad as it used to be but it’s still here. In Othello, written by the one and only William Shakespeare, racism is the main theme and focus. England became involved in the slave trade during the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (Slights 377). Racism started in the twentieth century after this was written but the way the Elizabethan era viewed black people was similar to how racism is today

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  • A Class Divided: Racism Essay


    Lori Passwater

    Soc 164

    March 3, 2009

    Ms.Elliot’s 3rd grade class featured in “A Class Divided” (Frontline, 2003)

    The documentary “A Class Divided” is very eye opening into the world of racism and discrimination. The textbook Racial and Ethnic Groups defines racism as “a doctrine that one race is superior” and discrimination as “the denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups because of prejudice or for other arbitrary reasons” (Schaefer, pp. 14,41)

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  • Globalization Argumentative Paper

    Globalization Argumentative Paper




    Globalization Argumentative Paper

    The term globalization based on business ideas can be defined as the process of extending to other parts of the world to develop an increase in the integrated global economic system from utilizing cheap labor from foreign markets, free flow of capitol, and free trade. This can all be good for business in that it makes operating in foreign markets more efficient. The term good

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  • Racism in Disney Movies

    30 March 2010
    Racism in Disney
    During the last several decades, the media has become a strong agent in directing and controlling social beliefs and behaviors. Children, by nature, can be particularly susceptible to the influencing powers of the media, opening an avenue where media created especially for children can indoctrinate entire generations. Disney movies, like all other media “are powerful vehicles for certain notions about our culture,” such as racism. (Giroux 32). Racist scenes

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  • Racism in the Bluest Eye Essay

    Racism in “The Bluest Eye”

    Several examples of racism are encompassed in The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Characters who are members of the black community are forced to accept their status as the “others”, or “outsiders”, which has been imposed on them by the white community. In turn, blacks assign this status to other individuals within the lighter-skinned black community. In this novel, characters begin to internalize the racism presented by these people, and feel inferior. The stereotype

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  • Racism Essay

    was a light skinned women named Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina simply was not seen as a black women because of her social mobility and her light colored skin and eyes. That statement alone from the fans of Ugly Betty, brings up colorblind racism or media stereotype racism. If we want to become a colorblind society then the media needs to do a better job at being colorblind. People of different races and ethnicities help to bring different personalities to the media which can be a very positive thing

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  • Racism: a World Problem Essay

    Racism: A World Problem

    In one way or another everyone encounters racism at many times in their life. Whether they are making the comments or victims of it, racism is everywhere and continues to be denied throughout the world. Neil Bissoondath, a Trinidad native, writes “I’m Not Racist But…” which discusses the types of labels given to different ethnic groups and the encouragement of racism they give. Based on the effective way it was written, Bissoondath’s essay is suggested for an English 101

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  • Argumentative Essay on Cigarette Smoking

    “Cigarette smoking in the Philippines should be banned because it
    poses a great threat to the health of the family members”
    Argumentative essay

    I. Introduction
    A. It has been an increasing concern about the effects of smoking in the family.
    B. Cigarette smoking not only affects the smoker but also the others around the smoker.
    II. Body (Discuss the issue)
    A. Smoking is mostly caused by sociocultural factors.
    * They smoke to gain adult status.
    * They smoke to conform

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  • Globalization Argumentative Paper

    Globalization Argumentative Paper
    Jennifer Johnson
    June 15, 2015
    University of Phoenix

    (1, Premise) Globalization effects on economy, administrative, and geographical system of the nations in an effective manner. In today’s more challenging and competitive business era, globalization is one of the most important factors that have a direct or indirect effect on the economic, administrative, and geographical system of the nations in an effective and proper manner. There are rapid changes

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  • Music and Racism

    to be a slave in the 17th century, a person has to be black.
    Racism is all about difference and power. A song, Black, Brown and White was recorded and it implies that there were more people from the black side who experience unemployment than people from the white side (Bloch & Solomos, 2010). This is a clear manifestation of racism in songs for the issue tackled degrades the abilities of the black people. Although the effects of racism are not seen, it has its psychological effects on blacks and

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  • Planned Parenthood – Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay
    Planned Parenthood
    Millions of women across America will struggle to receive the medical attention they need if the federal government stops funding to Planned Parenthood. Every year 363 million dollars goes into the funding “pot” collectively at Planned Parenthood’s nationwide (Clark 5). This money is used predominantly by women; for six in ten women, Planned Parenthood acts as their main source of health care (Clark 4). Many individuals with low incomes depend on these clinics

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  • Argumentative Essay Huck Finn


    Argumentative Essay: Should The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn be taught in school?

    Daniel Perez
    Period 1

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel based on the journey Huck, a young boy with an abusive father, and Jim, a runaway slave, have down the Mississippi River to Free states for an end goal of freedom. Freedom means different things to both of them, to Huck freedom means to be able to do what he wants and not be “sivilized”, while Jim’s definition of freedom is

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  • Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay
    The function of an argumentative essay is to show that your assertion (opinion, theory, and hypothesis) about some phenomenon or phenomena is correct or more truthful than others’. The art of argumentation is not an easy skill to acquire. Many people might think that if one simply has an opinion, one can argue it successfully, and these folks are always surprised when others don’t agree with them because their logic seems so correct. Argumentative writing is the act of forming

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  • Creative Writing: Destroying Racism

    Creative Writing: Destroying Racism

    As the snow covered the house that my grandma occupies, I looked out the
    window to the neighbor’s front door, their mailbox, and the circular driveway
    they had. It was just another home, where kids could build a snowman or throw
    snowballs on the front lawn. But there where no children or snowmen here. And
    beneath the snow, the word “N-I-G-G-E-R” was written in the grass. A family- a
    home- where they had bothered no one. One night someone decided to take weed

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  • Racism and Discrimination in America Essay

    While browsing through articles on the internet, I came across many related to the topic of racism. I am beginning to feel as if I am surrounded by stories of racism. From the KKK’s aggressive campaign against immigrants, to the police violence against black people in cites throughout our nation, racism and discrimination continue to be problems. One story stood out to me and continues to make me uncomfortable. Malachi Wilson, a five year-old boy, could not attend his first day of kindergarten in

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    Words: 964 – Pages: 4

  • Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay
    Braden Rawson

    Social Networking or the use of specific websites or applications to interact with other users is one of the many key and driving factors today in our world. We find ourselves lost for many minutes or possibly hours at a time on any particular app or website. Looking deeper into the issue of social networking and its impact on our life, I highly doubt we have accomplished anything at all. A very smart man once said, “Time is money.” If that quote is true do we

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  • Essay on Racism in America

    Racism is defined by dictionary.com as ‘1. A belief or doctrine that inherent differences between the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. 2. a policy, system of government, etc., based on or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. 3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.’ The first is most appropriate to use for my purposes, as it most general, and defines

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  • Aspects of an Argumentative Essay

    Aspects of an Argumentative Essay

    The argumentative essay is an essay in which you argue a point — an essay in which you prove a thesis.

    The argumentative essay starts with an introduction. The introduction is the gateway into your paper, and it serves two roles. The introduction should grab your reader’s attention and let him or her know what your paper will be about. Your thesis must also let your reader know what your essay will be about. By the time he or she finishes your conclusion

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  • Racism in America Essay


    Racism in America
    Alton Dawson
    Liberty University
    The purpose of this research is to show the effects of racism in America. Racism is defined as one group assumes superiority over other groups that develop attitudes of arrogance and ignorance. Despite many laws and legislation attempts to eliminate the evils of racism, the problem focuses on the cultural differences of race, color and biological supremacy. Racism comes in the form of ethnic cleansing, hate groups, discrimination

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    Words: 3520 – Pages: 15

  • Argumentative Essay Format

    PURPOSE: To set up and state one’s claim
    OPTIONAL ELEMENTS Make your introductory paragraph interesting. How can you draw your readers in?
    What background information, if any, do we need to know in order to understand your claim? If you don’t follow this paragraph with a background information paragraph, please insert that info here.

     If you’re arguing about a literary work—state author + title
     If you’re arguing about an

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    Words: 789 – Pages: 4

  • The Rise of Racism Essay

    its simplistic approach to the idea of struggle between natural races, with the strongest surviving and thus contributing to the advance of evolution.

    As the 19th century scientists were converted to evolution, they were thus also convinced of racism. They were certain that the white race was superior to other races, and the reason for this superiority was to be found in Darwinian theory. The white race had advanced farther up the evolutionary ladder and, therefore, was destined either to eliminate

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    Words: 789 – Pages: 4

  • Racism in Disney's Aladdin

    Racism: discrimination which exemplifies stereotypical differences between the ethnic groups to which people belong. While Disney animated films are the ideal family movies, it is undisclosed to many that such racism is being portrayed. Disney’s movie Aladdin (1992), “was a high-profile release, the winner of two Academy Awards, and one of the most successful Disney films ever produced” (Giroux, 104); however, what is often disregarded is the obvious depiction of careless racism towards Arabs seen

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persuasive draft
WIP-Advocacy Project

Persuasive Essay VERY rough draft

Posted on March 20, 2013 by Bella Loose

            We are an ignorant society. Today, many believe that racism has been eradicated throughout the corners of our modern world—this is far from the truth. We as an American society love to play pretend. Americans like to believe in the virtue and purity of this country. We like to believe that racism is a thing of the past, that we are the leading example for the world. Interracial marriage is legal; we have an African-American president, and don’t forget the American dream—the belief that anyone, no matter what color they are, can be anything they achieve. Yes, we have come some ways as a society, but still, look around. Racism runs rampant through urban and suburban streets alike, causing racial tensions to flare and many to question how far we have really come from the days of slavery. These tensions can be seen everyday in the papers through police force violence against minorities (Chicago), the heated debates on immigration control and the obvious segregation of urban neighborhoods in large cities. Author Michelle Alexander, in The New Jim Crow, argues that racism has shifted from overt forms to covert methods (due to racism being stigmatized) and now lurks deep within the justice system. These are only a few examples of the extensive list. How do we stop such a timeless phenomenon? My answer is education. Education, to an extent, will help eradicate some forms of racism and create a more understanding and susceptibly equal society.

             In a sense, racism will never truly be eradicated from our world because from the day we are born we notice differences. One may argue that it is simply just the recognition of a distinction between people, which constitutes racism. Just based on someone’s appearance whether it is their skin, their accent, or any other physical feature, we are programmed to categorize people and notice these variations of the human race. Park argues this concept in his piece, The Nature of Race Relations. He poses Brazil as an example, stating that racism is a subdued phenomenon due to the “color-blindness” of the population. This calls for a very valid point. However, it has been formulated in my mind that racism is when these variations are recognized and further stereotypes begin to form that this acknowledgement becomes racist. In other words, I will argue that racism, in its common implication, is only truly racist when actions are taken due to these differences with malicious intent. It is with this definition in mind that I start my argument.

            It is widely believed that education will solve all our problems. Famous philosophers from Plato to Burke, from Dewey to Kant all believed that a strong foundation of education was the key to creating and sustaining a thriving society. So why shouldn’t education be used to establish a less racially discriminant environment today? I believe that although education might hinder blatant acts of racism, nothing will truly eradicate it from our society wholly. That being said, education, in my opinion, will create a less ignorant and understanding society in the realm of race.

            Racism thrives on ignorance. It thrives on the stereotypical comments and constructs we form in our heads when interacting with someone who differs from us. These mostly subconscious preconceived notions are disadvantages many Americans are plagued with today. They are believed and acted upon not always with a negative mindset, but mostly because the majority of people don’t know any better. David Theo Goldberg strongly advocated this theory. He believed, much like what I am proposing, that racism is irrational. Irrational behavior can be eradicated through the process of learning through education. Goldberg believed that if we educated the public, this ignorant behavior would cease to exist. When discussing education, I am not proposing that primary schools stress the importance of historical events such as the Emancipation Proclamation or the 13th amendment. This is education of the mind. What I am proposing is education of the soul. This type of education entails not just educating the youth about multi-racial history, but on society’s paradigms and what it means to be someone of color living in today’s America. This education relies on a more personal and progressive curriculum. This includes the integration of the sometimes-sad truth without just relying on cookie-cutter facts. Children who are fortunate to enjoy “white privilege” need to learn about what it is like on the other side of the spectrum. It is with this type of education that the youth will become more susceptible to understanding and eventually accepting people of difference races.

                        Growing up overseas enabled me to interact with people from different backgrounds my entire life. Through the international schooling system I was fortunate enough to learn about others and their cultures on a personal level. It was through these relations that I began to understand that those who differed in appearance from me really weren’t all that different. I found new appreciation for the variety of life that surrounded me. It is my hope to bring this kind of acceptance and realization into the classroom. Maybe then these stereotypes and surface assumptions will fade.

            So what exactly does it mean to be someone of color living in today’s America? Much like Sartre encourages, “colonialism is a system”, Robert Bernasconi in The idea of Race has taught that racism is also a system. Take for example the idea that African-Americans in urban neighborhoods have lower life expectancies. This is due to the lack of funding and coverage most receive from their less prestigious careers. Because they hold lower-class jobs, they do not receive health benefits. They were only able to obtain these jobs in the first place because they didn’t receive a proper education. The education in these urban areas is subpar because many teachers refuse to work in such conditions. Because teachers refuse to work there and because the schools aren’t prospering, the government decides to fund them less. In sociology, there is something called the Labeling Theory of Deviance developed by Howard Becker in his book Outsiders. This theory states that people are labeled as “deviant” dependent on how people perceive them. The number one factor that influences this label is race. Specifically, black males are perceived as the most deviant model in our society, whether or not this label is rightfully applied. Also, in terms of the predictions in crime amongst the youth, it has been found that African-Americans youth are more likely to have experiences that lead to poor outcomes. These experiences stem from factors such as living in more violent-prone neighborhoods, poor academic structures and high levels of interaction with others labeled as deviant (the differential association complex). Other contributors to racism in a historical sense include the economic collapse during the period prior to WWII. From this, the sense of “scapegoating a minority” was born (discussed in Nathaniel Coleman’s presentation). Therefore, it can be extrapolated that from birth, if one is an African-American, living in a poor urban neighborhood, you are set up for failure. Racism is based on a system. A system, which I believe, can be somewhat undone by the type of education proposed earlier.

            Education can somewhat remedy certain types of racism, but not all. Counter arguments for my propositioned method could include an argument such as Ruth Benedict’s. Her argument calls for social engineering in place of education. She believes that education alone is simply not substantial enough to eradicate the means by which racism has flourished throughout the decades. Although I agree that simply integrating racial issues within the classroom is not enough to undo centuries of oppression, it is enough to open people’s eyes. This in my opinion is a tremendous step in the right direction.

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persuasive draft
WIP-Advocacy Project

3 Responses to Persuasive Essay VERY rough draft

  1. Pingback: Persuasive Essay Examples and Tips

  2. Tobi Otulana says:
    March 22, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    What you have so far is extremely well written. I like your topic and it is evident that you have done your research so I would suggest revising the order of some of the paragraphs. The personal testimony is great, but the placement seems a little off.

    Also, be careful not to pidgeonhole all minorities as poor and urban with working class jobs. The use of words like “less prestigious” comes off as a little stereotypical, which undermines the point of your essay. I think using statistics would help to enforce the idea you’re trying to convey (for example 25% of African-American males hold working to lower class jobs or something like that); and you may also consider mentioning some minority citizens who are successful later on in your paper. If you’re going to write about being some of color in today’s America, I would suggest mentioning the personal stereotyping that may occur not just structural inequalities because that is not daily life for many minority Americans.

    Your explanation of the difference between education of the mind and education of the soul is very good; you clarified it well for the readers. Don’t undermine your argument so much because it has merit, especially with the sociological support you provide from various authors and philosophers.

  3. Haley Sabitus says:
    March 22, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    This is very well written and very persuasive. It grabs the reader’s attention and shows why the reader should care about it. However, I don’t really understand the policy you are trying to promote and how specifically education is going to change anything.

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