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9 Tips to Consider when Hiring a Ghostwriter: Making Sure the Ghost Is Alive and Kicking

Posted on January 25, 2014 by WriterAccess Featured Writer

Questions to Ask before Hiring a Ghostwriter A professional writer paid to create content that will be used as someone else’s is referred to as a ghostwriter. Many different people benefit from the services of ghostwriters working on various types of writing projects including poetry, blog posts, novels, biographies, eBooks, website content, and more. Reasons to hire a ghostwriter, and the types of projects that they create, are limited only by the imagination. Most people hire ghostwriters because they don’t have the writing expertise and/or time to get their masterpieces onto paper.

Hiring a ghostwriter for your writing needs requires more than finding someone who can skillfully craft the written word. Other factors should be considered and in place for the writing partnership to work seamlessly and successfully.

Check out these tips and considerations to find and develop a successful working relationship with a ghostwriter.

1. Contract

A contract should be in place and signed by both parties before the writing project commences. Because a ghostwriter never claims authorship for their submitted written work unless they are working as a co-author, they should be willing to sign and abide by the terms of a service agreement, including relinquishment of rights. The service agreement should cover all aspects of the writing assignment.

With a signed agreement in place, all parties are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities and in the event of a breach of the agreement, legal action can be taken.

2. Expertise and Experience

You should carefully examine the writer’s portfolio and thoroughly check their references. Their portfolio should contain examples of various types of writing styles such as articles, novels, books, etc.

Do the samples read well? Are the samples interesting? If you like what you see, then you will probably like what the ghostwriter will create for you.

3. Style and Voice

Analyze their writing style and voice. You should be comfortable with their style, and it should align well with yours.

If the samples the writer has provided do not emulate the style you are looking for, ask them for written samples demonstrating the style you desire.

4. Type of Material

The ghostwriter should be proficient in the creation of the type of material you need. For example, if your writing assignment requires an adept fiction writer, their writing samples and portfolio should demonstrate compelling examples of fiction.

If the written work is to be industry specific, the ghostwriter should be knowledgeable of the given industry, including its acronyms.

5. Deadlines and Requirements

Many ghostwriters work on more than one project at a time with more than one client. Make sure the writer understands your requirements and deadlines to ensure their work schedule will allow them to fully meet your needs and desires.

Discuss and agree upon all requirements prior to commencement of the writing process. For example, when writing a book, do you want them to email you each chapter upon its completion? What are your deadline requirements for edits and re-writes?

6. Reasonably Priced

The fee they request for the project should fall in line with what you’re willing to pay for its completion.

7. Unique Content

Is the writer you’re considering willing to create unique content and guarantee its exclusivity? A dependable and trustworthy ghostwriter will never create plagiarized material.

8. Personality / Working Relationship

Choose a ghostwriter that is affable as well as professional. This becomes especially critical for lengthy projects or those requiring a lot of interaction. If possible, meet with them face-to-face before starting your writing project. You will be spending a lot of time with the writer; therefore, you should expect to develop a certain rapport with them. The writing process will be much easier with someone you feel comfortable with.

Face-to-face time is even more critical when they are crafting your story—so they can get a sense of who you really are.

When checking their references, be sure ask past clients about their working relationship with the ghostwriter. Ask if there were any problems that needed to be addressed and how these problems were resolved.

9. Publishing Requirements

Do you need a ghostwriter who can assist you in the publishing process? Do you need someone who has connections in the publishing industry? Will they be responsible for helping you to self-publish or e-publish your material or book? Knowing the answers to these questions will enable you to find a ghostwriter who can meet your publishing requirements as well as your writing needs.

Hiring a ghostwriter is an important decision. By following these tips and considerations, you will find a competent ghostwriter for the length and depth of your writing project—one that can create writing that is vibrant and alive.

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    Hire A Ghost Writer

    Ask Your Questions

    Commander CrawfordIf you want to hire a ghost writer, here are some basic tips.

    How does it work? If you want to hire a ghost writer, nothing can replace interviews when it comes to documenting history, whether it is personal, family, or business. We spend four or five days with  you conducting interviews for your memoir.

    Once we begin our interviews, people find that memories come floating back. Stories that were long forgotten rise to the surface.

    Then, our ghost writer begins drafting your story. Necessary research includes minimum genealogy as well as local, regional, and world events which are expertly woven into your story. Every person’s life is part of a holograph and must be woven into the larger picture. In general, a professional memoir writer will spend an average of six hours researching to every hour of crafting the narrative.

    When our ghost writer completes the manuscript, you will receive a draft to review. We make your desired changes: when you are satisfied, the manuscript is then ready for design.

    If we are creating a personal biography for your family, at this point you will choose photographs to illustrate the different times and people in your life.

    We guide the book design process. Our book designers are experienced and among the most affordable professional book designers available in the United States.

    When you are satisfied with the print-ready book, we manage the printing to ensure that you receive the best quality.

    Most of our clients want a book that will be printed in archive-quality printing in small edition (25 to 50 copies) for family members only. Others want us to create a paperback book that will be for sale at and all major retail outlets.

    The archive-quality choice is a leather-bound book that will last 300 years or so. Real Life Stories archival books are printed by a high-quality digital offset press (not a photocopier) using real ink, not toner (copy machines and quick-print shops use toner, which breaks down quickly) on archive-quality, acid-free paper.

    Paperback options allow you to print hundreds or thousands of copies for a few dollars each and sell them at and other retail outlets. We take care of the ISBN, Library of Congress listing and all of the publishing chores for you.

    Benefits of working with a professional ghost writer include: forgotten memories often return; the act of telling your story to an impartial, interested witness is often therapeutic; a great excitement gathers around the biography process; a wonderful book results!

    Our specialty is the  Heirloom Biography.