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Publishing a dissertation: Template

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Acta series template

The purpose of this template is to facilitate the writing of doctoral dissertations and their delivery to the library for online distribution and printing.

The template works best if you start writing directly into the template.

Acta Universitatis Tamperensis

You can start to download the template in your computer.

Proceed as follows

Download the template by right-clicking the link below and choosing the option Save Target As../Save Link Target As.. and Save the template file on your computer in the same folder where your dissertation file is located. Always store the template in the same folder with your manuscript to ensure that it functions correctly and is always to hand.

  • English-language template

Open the downloaded template file by double-clicking the template file or by right-clicking it and choosing New. This will open a new document in Word using the template, save the document with a new name in .docx format in the same folder as the original template file.

Proceed as follows (pdf)

  • Writing in the Template

  • Using Template

  • Figures, Tables and Pictures

  • Converting text into PDF format

For more information on using the template, please contact publications secretary Sirpa Randell; [email protected] .

Book yourself a free, one hour guidance session with preparing your dissertation for Acta series.

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